Computer Entertainment Solutions. Located at 4820 suite B west llyod Expressway 47712 behind pizza hut, subway and grease monkey, located in same building as popa johns.

Open mon. through sat. 10am-6pm. Offering Professional repairs for all video gaming systems. Reasonable rates apply. Xbox 360 repair $30. Ps3 repair $40. wii repair $40. Also repairs for older gaming systems starting

around $20. We Also repair PSP, Nintendo DS, and other hand helds. 30 day up to 90 day warranty on all repairs. Blu-Ray Drive, DVD-Roms, Red Rings 1,2,+3, Yellow Light, Blackscreen, Software Issues, and many

others. We Buy-sell and trade computers and video game equipment . We offer free Diagnostics on anything computer, video game or electronic. Come by or give us a call at 1-812-604-9032.